Our mission Our mission

The MamaBabyBliss Charitable Foundation aims to bring the benefits of baby massage, baby yoga and new mum treatments to those who would not otherwise have access. The foundation can also provide pregnancy yoga and pregnancy massage to expectant mums, offering love and positive experiences whilst babies are still in the womb.

Creating Sanctuaries for Mums In Need Creating Sanctuaries for Mums In Need

“Baby massage and baby yoga can make a profound and positive difference to all babies and their parents, benefitting them physically, mentally and emotionally. Sadly there are many communities, who don’t have access. Our aim at MamaBabyBliss is to nurture and pamper parents and babies everywhere and to bring these amazing therapies and benefits to everyone.”

Communities we help Communities we help

  • Parents & babies with special needs: the deaf, the blind and the disabled for whom touch can make a profound difference.

  • Premature babies – premature babies who are massaged grow at twice the rate of babies who are not massaged.

  • Terminally or very ill babies or parents.

  • Mothers with postnatal depression or depression – there are many who suffer in isolation and baby massage can be wonderful for bonding between mother and child.

  • Mothers and babies in prisons

  • Mothers and babies who are in shelters as a result of domestic violence.

  • Mothers and fathers with babies who have suffered bereavement.