Our MIssion

A shocking 1 in 5 women  in the UK suffers from some form of anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after they have had a baby. At MamaBabyBliss, we have a very clear mission which is to change the face of perinatal mental health and wellbeing and support all women on their journey through motherhood. We are a social enterprise and a not-for-profit organisation and any profit is returned back into the company to enable us to further our work in making a difference to mothers, babies and mums-to-be everywhere.

Our Founder

MamaBabyBliss was founded in 2006 by perinatal specilaist Justina Perry with the sole purpose of supporting mothers, babies and mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy and motherhood. Having suffered from postnatal depression and experiencing the benefits of baby massage in bonding with her baby, after being made redundant after the birth of her second daughter, Alana, Justina decided to retrain in baby massage and baby yoga and set up her baby classes in North London and Hertfordshire.

Our Reach

Whilst teaching classes to mums and their babies, Justina soon realised that whilst the babies were being pampered and nurtured, the mums were being neglected, which inspired her to train in Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga. These treatments and classes were added to the menu of nurturing mums, babies and mums-to-be and so MamaBabyBliss was born! Because MamaBabyBliss classes were so popular with mums who didn't want to stop bringing their babies, classes have since expanded and now include classes for toddlers and children. We now have growing network of qualified MamaBabyBliss Teachers and Therapists all over the UK and now creating dedicated retreat spaces called MamaBabyBliss Sanctuaries in hospitals and health centres.