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MamaBabyBliss Support Project for the Nottingham Healthcare Trust’s Mother and Baby Unit Projects

Mother & Baby Units Shortage in the UK

There are only 17 Mother & Baby Units in the country with a shortage of rooms despite the increase in demand from troubled new mums. There is currently a substandard mental health care provision for pregnant women and new mothers in the UK. As many as 1in 5 women suffer from post natal depression or a mental illness during pregnancy or first year of having a baby. Perinatal depression, anxiety and psychosis (also includes post natal depression) carry a total long-term cost to society of about £8.1M for each one-year cohort of births in the UK. The greatest cause of maternal death in the UK is suicide usually when the baby is 6 weeks old.

Creating a Holistic Nurturing Space for Mums in Need

MamaBabyBliss are supporting the staff at the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust to create a permanent nurturing space for the mums and babies admitted to the Unit . We are raising funds for yoga mats, yoga balls, relaxing chairs, treatment couch, lighting and calming music.  This idea came as a result of our work with the Ward Sister at the Nottingham Health Care Trusts Mother and Baby Unit , Deborah Sells, who said how lovely it would be to have a space dedicated to the  pampering, nurturing work we have been doing there over the last few years . A piece of the outside world inside the unit, offering a safe, holistic  relaxing, calming space within the unit, to compliment the amazing work done by the staff in the NHS. Here’s what one of the patients said following a MamaBabyBliss Nottingham treatment.

"At a time when I didn't feel like I deserved anything, let alone pampering, it was a challenge, but it helped me to start to change my attitude to myself from self-denying and self-critical to appreciating what an enormous trauma my body and mind had been through following a long hospital stay prior to and after my baby was born by C-section after a really difficult/complicated pregnancy. I still struggle now with accepting that I deserve to be looked after, but when I think back to this 'treat' that I had in the MBU, it helps me to remember that my mental and physical health is every bit as important as my baby's. Thank you MamaBabyBliss, Nottingham xxx"

How You Can Help

Help support other mums in need by fundraising for this  holistic nurturing space at the  Nottinghamshire Trust’s Mother and Baby Unit . Let's support the amazing team in Nottingham and the women and babies they care for, at such a crucial time when they need it the most. Donate today and make a difference together.


Mama Baby Giving is a social enterprise and as part of our mission to support ALL women on their journey through motherhood, we are committed to supporting women who suffer from mental illnesses during pregnancy.
We are working closely with the NHS and supporting them in their efforts to intervene and alleviate the onset and affects of post-natal depression and psychosis in mothers. We currently do this by training nurses in Mother and Baby Units in psychiatric wings in hospitals around the country, with our Mother and Baby Yoga and Relaxation techniques.

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